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LSE: Economics

NAME: Derome Robinson
UNI: London School of Economics
YEAR: 1st year
What do you think is great about your course?
One thing that stands out is the variety and the quality of the options at LSE. Every year you have the option to take different modules. You have the core economics modules, but you’re allowed to explore other aspects of social sciences, like for example I’m currently doing a coding module! Also, the content is incredibly relevant to everyday life, and your lecturers are often at the forefront of research in their field. Overall, the course is fascinating, and the staff are very passionate. I initially applied to LSE because there is a good amount of maths in the course, and in first year there are lots of theorems and proofs. Just be careful because it’s very different to A level maths, it can feel like a maths degree at times, especially in first year.
What do you think makes LSE distinct?
The culture at LSE is very career orientated. With LSE being at the heart of London, a lot of students go into corporate careers like Investment Banking. LSE also has an amazing alumni network and they offer mentor schemes with this alumni network. All of this is optional, but it motivates you a lot! LSE has many extracurricular activities like LSE Life, career service, societies, but you must be proactive in participating in these!
What would be top tip would you give a future economics undergraduate?
I would say be prepared to do A LOT of maths, because it’s a very quantitative degree, especially at many Russell group universities. If you did A level economics, I would say factor in the difference and look at the course specifics before you decide.