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Plymouth University: Medicine

NAME – Stephanie Ayalogu

UNI – Plymouth University 

YEAR OF STUDY: Year 1 of 5

INSTAGRAM: @_stephchx_ 

What do you think is great about your course ?
I am an individual who loves learning so any opportunity that provides this opportunity to learn is exciting to me. This is why I love the medicine course, you never stop learning! You learn from your peers, from the lectures, the patients you come in contact with and you even learn more about yourself. I especially love how the medicine course at Plymouth builds on this. Although the course has an enquiry-based learning structure, it still feel so integrated. This is because there is a good mix of community placements, clinical skills, exploration of  the holistic on health as well as academic writing. The great thing is that I have experienced all this in my first term already! I love how supportive the tutors and fellow students are as it creates an environment that pushes you reach your potential.
What do you enjoy the most about Plymouth Medical school?
Like I mentioned earlier, I absolutely love the way the course is structured. I have learnt so much in such a small amount of time. I have placements at a community dieticians and GP surgery so far which have allowed me to contextualise a lot of the content we are taught. For example, understanding the consequences of health inequities and how this affects those in deprived areas or in a lower socio-economic class. Although Plymouth is a small city and is further way from major cities in the UK, the beautiful views and coastline compensate for this. Sometimes, I take a stroll to the Plymouth Hoe and watch the sunrise. Little things like that help me stay relax and reminds me that everything will be

What top tip would you give to our future medical students?
I would say…never give up. The road to medical school may seem so long but you will eventually reach your destination in the end. There are going to be things or people holding you back as well as difficult journeys and experiences on the way, but always use it as an opportunity to learn. Perseverance is important but also remember to take care of yourself too.