Name: Chi Benokwu
Uni: University of Warwick
Year of Study: 1
Instagram: Chifasco

What tips would you give students who want to study law? 
RESEARCH YOUR DEGREE AND THE UNI – many universities have similar degree courses but some have different compulsory modules for first year. 
SET UP A LINKEDIN PROFILE – especially during the pandemic. LinkedIn will become your best friend when it comes to making connections.
TRY TO GET SOME WORK EXPERIENCE – considering the current pandemic, finding work experience has become very hard, however there are some great online internships that can provide valuable insight into the legal world similar to work experience.
FIND YOUR LEARNING STYLE – university is not like sixth form. IT IS MUCH HARDER. You need to find a learning style that is suitable for you and that will WORK. 
PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE READING – studying law at uni means that you to have read on average 20 pages per module (depending on your chosen uni).
What do you enjoy most about the University of Warwick?
I enjoy many things about the University of Warwick but I mostly enjoy how diverse the university campus is. Since arriving at the University of Warwick, I have been able to interact with different people from different cultures. 

What do you enjoy least about the University of Warwick?

Due to the pandemic, I have very little contact hours and this can be very frustrating when you are struggling with a certain module. However, Warwick does encourage their students to contact their seminar tutors during office hours. 

What do you enjoy most about your degree?
I really enjoy my Legal Theory module as we are looking at Feminist Legal Theory and the carceral system. Currently, I am planning an essay arguing that the current carceral system does not favour black women and women from different ethnic minorities. 

What do you enjoy least about your degree?
I least enjoy the reading as it is very time consuming but I have gotten used to reading around 20 odd pages a week. 

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