The Black Excellence Network is a community of aspirational individuals. We desire to increase the participation of black students in top universities and apprenticeships in the UK and outside. We also aim to aid the personal development of our students and provide opportunities such as work experience and extracurricular activities which will allow for the personal growth of everyone in our community. 

What We Offer:

We offer a quality mentorship scheme, which will provide many black students with specialist advice and guidance on a wide range of subject courses and our service will be tailored to each mentee individually.

We offer high-class consulting services, in which we provide our members with a wide range of professional and academic guidance. This ranges from personal statement assistance to internship application guidance.

We offer an extensive opportunity listing which details potential opportunities that will educate and upskill all the members of our network. This listing also includes exclusive opportunities for those in BEN. 

We offer a space where black individuals can network and exchange value between each other in order to strengthen their community and promote unity. We will use our tailored events and exclusive forum to achieve this.

So Far We Have Accumulated:

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Oyinda Adeniyi


Oyinda is the Head of Marketing and Head of the Year 12 and 13 Mentorship programme.

George Obolo


George is the Head of Operations, Partnerships, Sponsorships, Consultancy and our Website Manager.

Pobor eruesegbefe


Pobor is the Head of Finances and oversees Software Development.

Amgad Salih


Amgad is the Opportunities Director and our Legal and Events Officer.

Learn More About Our Team

We have a dedicated team of ambassadors and volunteers from institutions and disciplines across the nation who are committed to empowering black students and bringing the mission of BEN into fruition. Every member of the team is invaluable and aspires for the growth of our programme. 

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