The Black Excellence Network mentorship scheme is for UK based Year 13 students who are aspiring for competitive institutions and degrees. In July 2020, our first mentoring cohort launched with 100 mentees paired to 100 mentors! The scheme consists of a wide range of subject matches such as Medicine, Law, Economics, STEM and PPE. 

Y13 Mentee Applications are now CLOSED for our 2021/2022 cycle!

If you would like to get involved as a mentee or mentor then please contact us via the form below!

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Mentorship Matches (2020/2021)

Feature List

  • Admission tests support

  • Personal statement guidance

  • Interview preparation

  • 1-1 guidance throughout Y13

  • Monthly mentorship updates

  • Compatibility based matching

Mentorship Statistics 2020-2021

Mentees who received offers from Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities 89%
Mentees who would recommend the mentorship scheme to a friend 83%
Mentors who would continue as mentors for the following year 98%
Mentors who would recommend the mentorship scheme 85%


“My mentor helped me to rethink the content of my personal statement, to help me to try and be more organised not just for the ucas process but for general A- levels”
“The mentoring experience has been ever better than I expected it to be. My mentor is actually so amazing and is always communicating and helping me in whatever I ask for help in and more! As an Oxbridge applicant, she’s helped me more than more school has up to this point and has given me practical advice, making me feel comfortable to ask her anything.”
"I have gained well rounded advice and encouragement. She is very supportive and gives me the confidence I need when I haven’t achieved my goals or fail when trying to do so. She keeps me going and motivates me.”
“My mentor was absolutely incredible and inspired me to apply to Cambridge. Their interview preparation also helped me during that stage.”

Mentorship Updates

We send out monthly mentorship update via email to all current mentees and mentors which aid communications and provide potential academic and career based conversation topics. 

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In our 1st wave which took place in Summer 2020, mentees selected their mentor individually via our self-selection method. The pairs were then made accordingly. All unallocated mentors are still part of our network and may still be matched! For new mentee and mentor sign ups,  we are currently allocating new mentees to mentors on a rolling basis depending on availability and suitability.

The Black Excellence Network is also about making connections and building rapport with fellow black students nationwide. If you have already discussed academia, career and lifestyle with your mentoring partner, continually check in to stay updated on their journey and current endeavours!

The mentoring platform at is designed to ensure that all communications take place in a supervised environment.These provisions are not restrictive but aim to ensure the safeguarding of all mentees. If you have been communicating with your mentee/mentor via an alternative platform then please contact us at so we can make a note of this when monitoring frequency of communications.

Send another message to your mentoring partner to prompt communications 

Please contact us at or via our social media platforms and we will contact them directly also.

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  • 2. Complete the ‘password’ field 
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  • 2. Select 'Inbox
  • 3. You should then be able to find the chat box and send a message/find your messages.

Contact The Mentorship Team

If you have any queries or thoughts you would like to share with us, please just fill out this short form and we will be in touch with you.