We have a dedicated team of ambassadors and volunteers from institutions and disciplines across the nation who are committed to empowering black students and bringing the mission of BEN into fruition. Every member of the team is invaluable and aspires for the growth of our programme. 

The Leadership Team

Oyinda Adeniyi


Oyinda is a Medical Student at the Hull York Medical School. Her experiences throughout her own application process encouraged her to strive for ways to help aspirational black students in their endeavours via the use of her interpersonal skills and creative ability.

George Obolo


George is a Medical Student at the University of Manchester. George invests his mastery and wisdom into uplifting those within his network. He is committed to creating a positive change throughout his community by utilising his communicative and leadership capability.

Pobor Eruesegbefe


Pobor is a prospective Philosophy and Economics Student. He has a passion for edifying black students and embedding growth within his network. He hopes to pilot an impactful shift throughout his work.

Amgad Salih


Amgad is an Economics and Management student at the University of Oxford. Amgad utilises his knowledge and innovation to aid motivated black individuals and cultivate success.

The Ambassadors